ALSO project – Adaptive Learning Solution – aims at providing children presenting learning disabilities with adaptive learning approach, allowing a better inclusion and easier access to education and basic skills.

For these children, the rythm and contents provided by traditional learning is most of the time difficult to follow without adaptations.

Furthermore, teachers do not always have a good knowledge of learning disabilities, so do not know how to help children with these problems.

The ALSO project aims at addressing these statements by providing a tool to develop in Europe a common personnalised and inclusive learning contents.
The solution provided by the consortium will be to create a digital learning tool that allows the adaptation of content for children during early learning. This tool will be created thanks to the development of a cognitive approach of learning and will aim at allowing children the access to a personalised learning system.

To develop properly this tool and to test its relevance, the consortium is based on 4 organisations, complety complementary. Haikara, coordinator of the project, will bring its expertise in e-learning and contents creation, as well as on development of IT solutions to provide the project with both the pedagogical requirements and the final learning tool. It will be supported by the Cognition Institute of Plymouth, to implement research activities and assessment regarding the children psychology and disabilities.
To reinforce the research part, two associations will act on the project to bring their practical point of view. ICEPE, with its strong international networks and high relationships with institutional organisations in Europe will be highly involved in the dissemination and demonstration requirements. Moreover, from its expertise regarding teachers behaviour when it comes to special educational needs, it will help during the research phase to implement policies that fit with the schools demands. Finally, Ecole2Demain will be the stronger partner for demonstration as it will bring its large scale networks of demonstrators, especially schools.